How to Create Profitable Facebook Ads

How to Create Profitable Facebook Ads


Creating a Facebook placement is simple, but creating a Facebook ad that is profitable takes a little bit more skill and savvy. It’s not overly difficult especially once you know what the social media experts do.

You will want to expand on your base. Promote your article in a way that gives it a longer life in through the RSS feeds of your fans, reaching the friends of your fans, and all those people that are not fans. Promotion is key because not all of your potential customers are currently your fans.

When you focus on the keywords you use you do a better job of improving your visibility and appearance. Make use of words that are related and give you an edge over your competitors. Keywords are an excellent way to help you target your audience.

Don’t forget to take the time to split test your ads. This is a powerful tool called Facebook Power Editor. When you create your ad you can easily make a duplicate so can test variations of your original ad. You can test it with different copy, headlines, and pictures. After 100 click each ad will drop off and the one with the lowest Click Through Rate will create a new ad to try against your control ad.

You must make sure you target your CTR. Facebook ads are display ads, which means they are not going to show in Google. This means your average click through rate (CTR) is much lower at only 0.1% compared to 1% with a Google ad. So you need to be certain you target CTR and not just focus on your CPC. The higher your CTR the lower you will pay on CPC making your project more affordable and valuable.

You should also set a minimum daily budget for your Facebook ad campaign. If you do nothing else set your maximum for the day, otherwise you could have some charges on your credit card that surprise you. Bid a few pennies over the lowest recommend bid and over time continue to work at improving your ads and your CTR.

You should also figure out when the best time is to run your ads. Many users will check Facebook during work hours. You will almost always have a peak time and that will vary from one company/industry to another. If you figure out what this peak time is you can stop and start your ads accordingly.

Below are 6 tips for a healthy Facebook ad campaign that can help you enjoy success. But before we move on, it’s important that you realize that your Facebook ad campaign isn’t just about the ads you pay for but also your daily interaction on Facebook, which promotes and advertisers your business.

#1 Make Sure to Include pictures – The use of pictures strengthens your Facebook updates. Make sure your Facebook ad campaign includes an image as this will lead to a much higher rate of sharing and commenting by those initial click through visitors. You want fan engagement and this is a great way to do that.

#2 Contests and Giveaways – Facebook lets you promote contests and giveaways. Just post your offer and then amend it to ‘promoted post’ on your wall. If it’s a really good offer make sure you promote it to those people who aren’t currently your fans using your Facebook ads.

#3 Mole Your Facebook Ads – When you setup your Facebook ad campaign, make sure that you tailor your ads to the correct market – age, gender, region, etc. There are many options for you, so fine tuning your audience so you get the exact people you want clicking through is not that difficult. This is a powerful tool so make use of it.


#4 Provide Enough Information – Your Facebook ads need to contain enough information to entice the viewer to click through. Make use of your space! Then on your Facebook page make sure that you provide answers to every question asked – email, description, website, etc. This information builds confidence, so when your viewer clicks through they are much more likely to stay on the page they landed on.

#5 Respond to Comments – Your Facebook campaign has worked in that your viewer has clicked through and landed on your Facebook page. Now they post a comment – here’s where you need to be sure you are replying in a timely manner. It can be the difference between keeping this potential customer an losing them.

#6 Post 10 – 20 Times Each Day – Many don’t realize that you need to post lots. Posters worry that they are bombarding their fans when in actuality only 5% of fans will see your average post. Content is also important. Don’t be sending spam or annoying posts. Make sure each post has a message and learn what days and what times of days your market is most likely to be available.

If you follow these simple Facebook advertising tips, I’m sure you will have success.

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