Creating a Facebook placement is simple, but creating a Facebook ad that is profitable takes a little bit more skill and savvy. It’s not overly difficult especially once you know what the social media experts do. You will want to expand on your base. Promote your article in a way that givesRead More →

Each year, YouTube videos get more than one trillion views. Every month, YouTube is checked out by over 800 million unique users. Every day, 4 billion videos are seen on YouTube. And while 60 hours of video are published every minute, there’s a choose group of individuals uploading YouTube videosRead More →

Twitter’s going public today, November 7th, 2013. There’s been a great deal of enjoyment leading up to the biggest Internet IPO since May 2012, when Facebook went public. That day was a headache for Zuckerberg and Co., as prevalent need caused glitches that left financiers unsure whether or not theirRead More →

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