30 Great Examples of Mobile App Design

30 Great Examples of Mobile App Design

Mobile app design is not like web design.

Sure there’s color theory, setting type, and keeping grids, but there’s so much more to think about when the device changes.

To shed some light on the do’s and do n’ts of mobile app design, we invited AwesomeWeb member Tomas Laurinavicius to lay out his finest practices when developing for mobile gadgets.

Tomas is a freelance designer and the co-author of Mobile Design Reserve. As we’ll mention at the end of the post, he’s readily available to employ for your mobile app design task.

Get in Tomas:

In this post I want to share some examples of fantastic mobile app designs. Particularly, the elements that come together to make an excellent app.

Introduce Screen

The launch screen will be seen by each and every single app user and will last for a number of seconds, fortunately it’s important to make a good impression and set some expectations.

Utilize a background image that informs something about the app, make it clean and well-branded. Keep the size of your launch screen to a minimum to minimize load time.

Launch Screens

Hyperlapse from Instagram & & Yummly Empty States

When a user initially downloads your app, they won’t have any data to see. This is called an empty screen.

Now you have to explain the function of your app and guide them towards utilizing your app for the first time. Otherwise they’ll leave baffled and might never come back.

Empty States

Airbnb & & Flipboard Login screens

Forget usernames. Usage

e-mail address instead. Make the login process easy

by providing them the option to login with existing platforms. Depending on your audience, it may be Google, Facebook, and even LinkedIn. SoundCloud & Foursquare Activity Feeds When developing an interesting and immersive activity feed, consider context and use gamification principles. Provide necessary information like date, time and location if proper. Making it more like a game

, usage numbers &, call to action buttons, and little icons to make the user interface more attractive. Swarm by Foursquare & Behance Signup Screens If your register procedure is intricate, users will leave

. Simplify it as much as possible. Consist of just the required details and even recommend using other networks that keep user information like Twitter or facebook. Spotify & Cirqle Checkout Checkout is a challenging function

Activity Feeds

to create in mobile apps. It needs to provide a

great deal of info at a

look and enable some guidance towards the next step.

Prioritise the data and break it down into chunks that can be presented in groups. For instance shipping address and payment details can comprise two groups, rates and discount rates another group and so on. Arrange your process so you do not overwhelm your consumers. Target & Keep Shopping Remarks Remarks are great for constructing community or merely to reveal other users that your app deserves signing up with &. When designing comments,

readability and context(i.e. profile pictures, names, and dates

)are the most important aspects to offer a” live”looking app community ecosystem. Course & Tripstr Browse Browse is a vital function for user-generated-content and other data heavy apps.

Offer context and wise tips to enhance user experience and delight the user. Including relevant filtering alternatives can considerably improve the search process and result in client happiness. Inbox by Gmail & Lovely Sharing Sharing is a vital feature for any app as it permits users to get the word out about your item. Make it easy to share your app or material from it & by adding apparent sharing icons and

permitting quick sharing across various networks. Spring & Jukely Readability Readability is difficult on little gadgets. It’s easy to make type too huge or too little. Focus on contrast, type size and line-height. Guarantee that your type is efficiently sized and is easily legible. Black text on a white background is good.


Readability ™ & Feedly Navigation Navigation is very essential for any sort of app. Make it simple and reasonable for different

sections of your audience. Usage basic copy so users are familiar with the navigation jargon from other apps. Use icons and unfavorable area to provide some context for your navigation and just consist of the essential links. Facebook & LinkedIn Connected Settings Settings screens are typically ignored due to the fact that they’re not amazing, but it’ll be among your most-used screens. Usage icons, separate various setting groups

with dividers or & negative space, and assist users navigate rapidly to decide exactly what to do next. Likewise, provide quick alternatives using native toggle buttons so users can conserve taps. Checkmark 2 & YPlan Alerts Notifications are the reason users keep coming back to your app. Make these alerts evident but not too bothersome.


Individuals & have to

know exactly what is going on

however don’t want to be overwhelmed. Provide subtle color signs and numbers to portray the important things that are new. Gogobot & Emphasize Messages Messaging or chat functions are also a typical function. When developing a messaging system, it’s everything about interaction


and context. Optimise type size

so users can

check out longer messages and include the date, time of publishing,

place and other details that’s relevant. Messaging is everything about multimedia nowadays. Offer users with an option to communicate adding images, video, sounds, smileys and old-fashioned text. Facebook Messenger & Course Talk Profile Numerous apps permit users to develop an account and shop stories orNavigation

activities around that profile. Whether it

‘s social

media, shopping, or other app, it’s crucial making profile pages clear and enticing to users. Highlight user profile image and

their name. Likewise provide appropriate info and stats so people can see how active or decent the user is. Frontback & Quora Conclusion As you can see from all the apps I have actually noted, there’s a lot to think about and master when designing a winning


app. While anybody can design an

app, it is very important to

employ a designer that has experience in the field and can use all

the knowledge and best practises. Little things can make or break your app. Don’t risk your time and money by hiring someone who does not understand the intricacies of developing an awesome app. I am available for hire on AwesomeWeb


, depending on the size and complexity of a customer’s

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